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News from Father Nigel

I hope you will notice this sheet is much briefer than the many weeks preceding, during national lockdown! This is because we are now back at Church for all the services advertised overleaf, and we are returning to just one PEWSHEET with Notices each week. So for hard copies, extra copies will in future, be available from either of our churches. If you wish to go online, please just visit our Church website EVERY FRIDAY – and all will be revealed!

Please do join us for Holy Week, the most important time for our Christian family to gather and pray. Let’s keep each part, together, even though we are still socially distanced and masked. It would be ‘criminal’ to jump from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday by missing all the storytelling and drama in between. Think of it as a journey accompanying Christ carrying His cross in which we are being taught something fresh and new at each stop or ‘station’.

How important it is to hear again the scriptures of old as the Easter Triduum unfolds once more and we experience the different signs, emotions and symbols from that first Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Eve. The journey and experience from fasting to feasting, from dereliction to the wonder and surprise of the Resurrection is not to be missed. You will recall last week’s picture I took in the Quaker burial ground and below, just yesterday! There are always the places of silence like this which inform and shape all our future journeying as children of the Resurrection, fed and nourished by the bread and ‘manna’ of life.

Father Nigel

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