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Update 1 on Coronavirus issues

Update on Coronavirus Issues 16 March 2020

In these difficult times, we are following the Church of England and Diocesan guidance to keep

everyone as safe as possible.

Some of the main changes on Sunday 15th were:

- The whole service was on paper, which was taken home

- Holy Communion was in one kind only

- There was no touch for blessings

Everyone was asked to share the Peace, in a suitable way but with

no touch

- There was no coffee

- Collection plates rather than bags were used

- Hand sanitiser was available for all entering the building

- Church groups are advised not to have catering or refreshments, so this means that Coffee and Parish Lunch will be in abeyance for the time being

- Specific church groups are likely to be in touch with their members regarding the way forward

- We are very aware that there may be the need to support people, both within and outside our church, probably by phone. Some of our own members and others known to individuals may not be on existing lists. If you or someone you know should be added, please let one of the churchwardens know or contact the Parish Office.

- Do encourage those without the internet to ring the Parish Office if they need information.

- The Diocese intends to have all of its resources for the current situation accessible via the front page of the Diocesan website: 

- Morning prayers will be streamed from the Bishop’s Chapel at 8.30am, Monday to Friday, via our Bishops’ Facebook page: 

and the Bishops will be providing thoughts for the day on a regular basis.

- On Sunday 15th March there was a live streaming of the Eucharist from the Cathedral. It is likely that services will be streamed from the Cathedral and/or other venues in the coming weeks. Please check on Diocesan website, as above, for links. (The streaming link is likely to disappear on that same day).


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