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A community coming together in adversity

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The village of Great Bealings suffered devastating flooding in October, with up to a foot of water in the most affected houses, and water levels rose three or four feet in a matter of minutes. We heard of a rescue by boat, and several families had to evacuate quickly. It was so sudden and unexpected, with devastating, long-term consequences, but the local community came together wonderfully well in these times of distress, with lots of mutual self-help going on.

Villagers enjoying a bonfire party

Just two weeks later, seemingly undeterred by this awful experience, and determined to carry on, the Great Bealings community came together for an excellent Bonfire Night Party, with sparklers, sausages, & soup (& a bar), exactly as described and planned in some unexpected music from Abba!

Bonfire in the churchyard at Great Bealings

More stories emerged, including the speed of the water rising, and unbelief as it advanced inexorably across gardens and into houses; about cars written off, but positive news of replacement vehicles; of temporary accommodation acquired, the uncertainty of 'where next?' but optimism about the future...

There's a long way to go for many of the village residents, but what a wonderful example of a community coming together in adversity.


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