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Churchwardens' update

From the Churchwardens

Well, the pace of change has continued to speed up, with it seeming as though there is something new to grasp almost every day! Those feelings of joy, fear and indecision endure, but we are pleased to let you know that, from Monday 15th June, our church building will be available solely for private prayer and just for limited periods during this week. (Please see p 9 for Thursday’s letter from Bishop Martin and opening times, etc.) In the last few days, Nigel and Liz have made a visit to the Rectory to do some measuring and they are booking their removal vehicle for late July, by which time we are praying that the renovations will be complete! Nigel’s online institution, giving him the authority to be will be 24th August, with his induction being later when more social interaction is permitted. The visit certainly made their impending arrival seem much more real! We also have more good news about Andy, who will become a Locally Licensed Minister on 27th June and ordained Deacon in the autumn. In recent days, we have learned also that he will undertake the next stage of his training as Assistant Curate in the parish. The PCC met virtually on Zoom as did the newly-formed Communications working group. We continue to hear of the many ways, in which contact is being maintained across our congregations, and those in which members are supporting the wider community; with permission, we should like to share a response to last week’s news sheet and the situation we are all in: Wonderful, and thank you and all so much. We have so much to feast on for our spiritual needs, and it's wonderful to join in remotely screened services with friends and family in other parishes, too. Also, I'm finding this is working out in being called upon to respond to need in many areas, and that really, far more contact is being made. It just shows how the Holy Spirit works unceasingly, and how God is with us and helping us grow through times which are incredibly difficult and sad for so many. Indeed, with God nothing is impossible! As we continue to care for each other, please accept our love, prayers and best wishes for you, your family and friends. Barbara and Veronica


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