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The Not-so-New Parish Secretary!

There are still so many people I haven’t met and faces I don’t know, so reluctantly it must be said, the talented Janice Poulson took my picture, so that more people at least know what I look like!

I entered the Parish Office on March 16th with Heather and 5 days later, we had to close the doors. I have been trying to live up to her high standards and efficiency ever since, during what has been a difficult time for all and not the most conventional handover and start to a new job that I have ever had. I have been welcomed by all, albeit thus far, mostly ‘virtually’. I have received lovely emails and notes of thanks and appreciation, all of which have made my job even more enjoyable. After 28 years buying and selling wine, this is quite a different role but one in which I am very happy. I was born in Yorkshire and after 10 years in Nottinghamshire, moved with my family to Otley. I went to school in Woodbridge and met my husband-to-be, Jonathan Lowe. We got married 30 years ago (this August!) in St Mary’s Otley. Living locally, we moved to central Woodbridge 6 years ago with our two ‘boys’.

I look forward to meeting you all in the hopefully not too distant future. Katherine


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